Why “Jewels of Life”?

Mama Jewel
My dear grandmother’s name was Jewel and the grandchildren loving called her Mama Jewel.   She lived with us her last years and she and I would sit and talk often. She had a quiet, sweet spirit about her and a laugh that always brought joy to my heart. She and I had a special relationship that always made me feel loved and accepted.

In addition to the sweet memories of Mama Jewel, I want to view all of life as jewels God has blessed me with.  Everything from His Word, my marriage and family, hobbies, talents, friends, and interests. Thus “Jewels of Life” was birthed.

My desire is to encourage you to look at your life the same way. Precious jewels are sometimes hidden beneath the everyday dirt and grim of life. With a concerted effort on our part, we can excavate those jewels, rinse them off, polish them up, and enjoy them the way God intended us to. So….let’s begin…..

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