Have you prepared your home for the Fall Season?

Do you want to rid your home of chemicals?

Are you and your children ready for the Seasonal changes that cause respiratory issues?

I have recently started using Young Living’s Essential Oils and LOVE the fact that I am cleaning the atomosphere in my home!  No More Chemicals!!  It is mindblowing how many chemicals we expose ourselves to everyday.  We wash our face with chemicals, brush our teeth with chemicals, bathe with chemicals, slather on lotions filled with toxins, our deodorants have harmful metals and chemicals in them, we breathe in room fresheners filled with toxins, we clean our bathrooms with harmful chemicals, dust our furniture with more harmful products to our bodies.  Then we wash our clothes with all kinds of fragrances and chemicals and use super harmful dryer sheets.  On top of all that, we then burn candles or use plug-ins, releasing all kinds of harmful toxins into our homes.

No More!  Let me urge you to consider purchasing a Premium Essential Oils Starter Kit from Young Living ( – my site – J&J Marketplace).

Not only do you get 11 essential oils, but also a diffuser of your choice and samples of their laundry detergent and household cleaner, as well as NingXia Red energy drink  to try.  All of this retails for $360, but Young Living offers the Kit for $160 if you sign up for a membership.  That is an icredible savings and these oils go a long way!

Young Living is the company to trust.  Their Seed to Seal process puts the other oil companies to shame.  The FDA will allow companies to label their products 100% pure if only 5% is pure!!!!  Yep, you read that correctly.  Young Living is 100% pure for real!  They oversee and test the seeds that are planted,  the growing process, the harvesting process, and the distilling process. Nothing is sold that doesn’t pass their extensive testing.  They own their own farms and distilleries.  Don’t expect results from a $5 bottle from Walmart or Target.  Their oils do not even list the ingredients!  Hum!!

You are the gatekeeper of your home.

You can decided today to make healthy changes for your family.  Diffuse natural, healthy oils derived from plants and trees that God created.

Some of my favorites to diffuse  are:  Citrus Fresh,  Purification, Lavender, Valor, Raven,  Lemon and Orange.

You can create your own combinations according to the fragrance you like.
When I need help with respiratory wellness,
I add 1 drop of Thieves and 1 drop of Lemon Vitality to my water or hot tea.
lavender is a wonderful oil for making a Linen Spray to spritz your bed linens with, diffuse at night for restful sleep, or put a few drops on a wool dryer ball to replace harmful dryer sheets and fabric softeners.  I have also made my own hand soap using Castille Soap, water and 5 drops of lavender.
Peppermint vitality is agreat oil to help with digestive wellness.  When I was recovering from surgery and very nauseous, diffusing peppermint and applying lavender and Peppermint with a roller helped tremendously!
 I even put 4 drops in a brownie mix for yummy peppermint brownies!
When tensions are high and the stress levels in my life are big, I roll  Stress Away on my wrists and temples.  Super helpful!
I made my own insect repellant using Eucalyptus, thieves, Peppermint, Lemon, and Spearmint.  I just mixed 5 drops of each in a glass spray bottle and filled the bottle with Witch Hazel.  I use it outdoors and I also spray it on my puppy, Bama.  No harmful chemicals and the mosquitos and fleas and ticks stay away!
Another oil I like to defuse is Purification.  It gives a clean, fresh smell and helps eliminate odors from cooking.
Thieves is the hands down best for wellness.  Sometimes I diffuse  it.  I also add a drop of thieves vitalty to my water, and mix thieves with cleaning solutions of water and baking soda,
There are endless possibilities.  The main point is, Get Started Today on making your home free from chemicals and toxinsTo review:

Get your Premium Essential Oils Starter Kit     If you see J&J Marketplace as the seller, that is me!  I would love to have you on  my team!  When you sign up as a member, you will also receive 24% off of all future orders.  You are under no obligation to sell the products, and you only have to place a $50 order within the next year to remain active.  If one of your friends or family members sign up under you, you get a $50 reward.  Being a member  is the only way to go!

Order glass spray bottles, rollers, and dryer balls from Amazon.  Click on the images below.



You will need glass spray bottles and rollers because plastic breaks down the oils.  Plastics are bad too!!

Thanks for dropping by!  Leave me a comment if you have questions.  I would be more than happy to help you.



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