Scripture – More Precious than Silver

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A popular Christian song says, “Lord, you are more precious than silver. Lord, you are more costly than gold. Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds, and nothing I desire compares with You.”

Psalm 19:10 says the judgments of God (the Word of God) are more desirable than gold.

In other words, God’s Word, the Bible, is a precious jewel. It is like the two MOST precious jewels: silver and gold.

That being true, should we not search the scriptures daily for the precious jewels God has given us in His Word?
I hope that is a daily practice for you.

Reading God’s Word is the way we get to know Him. It is during the reading of the Bible that the Holy Spirit of God speaks to us, warming our hearts to God. It is a very natural thing to begin praising God, pouring out our hearts to Him, and seeking His guidance as we read.

Let me encourage you to create a space and time for spending time alone with God everyday. For me, this is first thing every morning at the breakfast table. Sometimes, while I am having my coffee, sometimes after breakfast. I always begin by reading the Bible. Without fail, as I am reading, my spirit is moved with a truth about God’s power, or I am overwhelmed with His majesty. Maybe I read about His provision, His holiness, His love, His forgiveness. My heart responds to that and I begin to pray. It is not something I have to work at. The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to draw my heart to Him.

Set a time
Create a space
Gather your Bible and a notebook
Start with 10 minutes

Why did I mention a notebook? When God speaks to your heart, you may want to write your prayer down. If you are asking Him to help you in a certain situation, write it down. Then when He answers, go back and record and date it.
Having a journal to read of God’s promises to you, His help in hard circumstances, His answers to your prayers, the promises that He gives you from Scripture is a precious jewel of remembrances.

You must have a plan. I have heard on old saying, “He who aims at nothing always hits it.” Make a plan and start tomorrow. Maybe your best time is at night before you go to bed. There is no right or wrong time. Just do it.
I am including a Bible Reading Plan for you that my church uses. If you have another one, great! Just use a plan. We are more likely to do something when it is laid out for us step by step.

If you are new to this, I also have a worksheet for you to help you study a passage of Scripture. Ask these questions about the verses you read:

-What do I learn about God from this passage?
-Is there a warning for me about something, a sin for me to avoid?
-Is there a promise for me to claim and trust God with?
-Is there a truth about myself in this passage?
-Are there specific things I can praise God about in this passage?

Please feel free to make copies of this worksheet as well as the Bible reading plan.
We will discuss in another session how to incorporate these into a notebook. Hint: I use a Daytimer notebook to keep up with all areas of my life. These areas include a calendar, addresses, daily to do lists, menus for the week, prayer requests, etc.
For now, use whatever you have; a composition notebook works. Get a pretty color, and pretty pens to have in your special place! I am including some choices for you that you can order from Amazon. Go ahead and order what you need while it is fresh on your mind. If you put it off until later, it probably won’t happen.

I would love to hear about your Bible study progress.


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