Good morning everyone. It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. Life sometimes gets hectic, but all is good with me and I hope it is with you also! Lately, my husband has been preaching a series of sermons on the Twenty-third Psalm. It has been so refreshing to reflect on the unconditional love and protection of my Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Life is full of surprises, hard decisions, difficult relationships, health problems, family concerns, etc. You get the picture! I realize again today, that God directs us and guides us through those circumstances; just like the shepherd uses his rod to keep his sheep on track. Our job is to just follow Him! It is to our benefit not to resist His nudging because He knows where the green pastures are. He is leading us to still, quiet waters in order to restore our soul.

What does it mean to restore something? To restore an old car, one has to take it apart, examine which parts need to be replaced and which ones can just be polished up. That process is difficult and tedious, but oh so necessary in the restoring process. To leave even one old rusty part, would affect the whole restoration!

As I think about that, I am so grateful that God is “restoring” my soul! He is making me more and more like Jesus. He is polishing up my rusty traits. So many times, He does that by surrounding me with people who have the spiritual gifts that I need. I learn from my precious friends that have the gifts of mercy and serving. They inspire me in those areas.

Sometimes He needs to totally remove habits and traits that are keeping me from being like Jesus. That is a painful process, but oh the sweetness of resting in His green pastures and quiet waters afterwards!

The Psalmist says the “He” is the one that restores my soul. How awesome is that! I don’t have the ability to restore myself, but He does. It reminds me of a verse in Mark 1:17 when Jesus tells Simon and Andrew to follow Him, and He will make them fishers of me. Their job was to follow Jesus. His job was to make them fishers of men. It is my responsibility is to stay close to my Shepherd; to follow Him. Oh that I would stay close to Jesus and willing consent to all of His transformation in my life.

Reflect with me today on this glorious truth: The Lord is my shepherd! Follow Him today as He leads you to green pastures and quiet waters. Allow Him to restore your soul!



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You  can do this!  

Have you been wanting to chalk paint that 
little table 
or night stand and just didn't know if 
you could do it?

Did you think it would be 
too expensive?

I am here to tell you, chalk painting is EASY PEASY and not very expensive.  
I procrastinated about chalk painting my bathroom cabinet for over a year.  Finally, I took the plunge, and it was super easy. I love the finished result and want to encourage you with my experience.

First, you need to gather your materials.

For my first project, I decided to use the Waverly brand of chalk paint. I chose the Crystal color for my base coat. 
The top coat was Restore, by DecoArt.  Both can be purchased from Amazon below.  It is very inexpensive so it doesn't matter if you aren't thrilled.  Additionally, you really can't mess up with chalk painting.  I discovered that you just keep going over it until you get the look you want. 
A chip brush is best for applying the chalk paint and a wax brush is used to apply the wax.
     This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

For this look, You will need:


    1. Waverly Chalk Paint in Crystal
    2. DecoArt Chalk Paint in Restore
    3. DecoArt Clear Wax
    4. A Chip Brush
    5. A Wax Brush
    6. Klean-Strip Deglosser
    7. A Rag
    8. Styrofoam Plate
    9. Paper Towels
    10. Crystal Door Knobs

The original color was a cream.

It desperately needed a pick-me-up and chalk painting was the easy peasy answer!

First, I removed the old door knobs and drawer pulls.
Next,I proceeded to use  a liquid sander-deglosser to remove grim, dirt,and the top finish on the wood.  This is a very easy process. Just apply to a rag and wipe everything down good.
There is no need to remove the old  door hinges.  
You will just apply the chalk paint right 
over them!  Easy Peasy!

For the first coat of paint,

I used the Waverly Crystal Chalk Paint.  It is a soft shade of grey-blue. I wanted that color to come through as a distressed look on the brown.

Next, I painted a coat of the DecoArt Restore color.

After a few hours of drying time, I lightly sanded the edges and areas that would naturally be distressed. I decided it needed a little more of the blue,so I used  a dry painting technique with the Crystal color.  Basically, I just put a little paint on a styrofoam plate, lightly dabbed my brush in it, and then wiped most of it off on a paper towel. 
Then, I just lightly brushed the areas where I wanted more blue.  I loved the outcome!  It kind of looks like a white washed denim.

The next step is to apply a coat of clear wax.
Again, this is easy peasy.  The application is easy with a wax brush. Simply follow the directions on the can.

The finishing touch was to install my new crystal door knobs.

Easy Peasy transformation at a very small cost.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time!


















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5 Priorities for De-Stressing Your Life

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you,

Like a diamond, there are many facets to our lives.

“Your Dictionary” defines a diamond as having four equal sides with small angles on the top and bottom and wider angles on the sides.  In just the right  light, a multitude of colors are reflected in this precious jewel.

Our lives are much like a diamond.  We have many facets to each day.  There are so many angles to cover as women – wives, mothers, homemakers, employers, employees, taxi drivers, counselors, cooks, personal shoppers.  We must prioritize these facets of life and make sure the MOST important things are accomplished.

There is a book entitled, The Tyranny of the Urgent, by,  Charles E. Hummel, that speaks of how easy it is for us to place the seemingly urgent things of life above the most important things.  Recognizing this tendency will enable us to sometimes say, “No” to the things that suffocate our schedules.  

Click on the image if you don’t have this little book.  It is worth the read!

Are you running in circles?   Grabbing fast-food for supper because you haven’t gotten to the grocery store?

Behind on the laundry?  Didn’t get around to cleaning the house – what is that??  Panicking already about the Holidays?

We have all been there!  I find myself in the rat-race trap occasionally, but there are 5 things that make a BIG difference in my life.  When I follow them, a more peaceful, stress-free life results.  Perhaps we could commit to follow these steps starting now.  Let’s see if the Holidays are more relaxing this year.  In fact, LIFE will be more relaxing!

With that said, let’s take a look!


Time Alone With God

This must be priority Number One!!  Whatever you do, guard your time with the Lord each day.  Would you leave your house without brushing your teeth?  What about without your coffee?  There are so many things that we do every morning.  Many of them are not vital to our lives, but we wouldn’t think of leaving them off.  However, when it comes to time alone with God, sometimes that is relegated to an optional activity.  I submit to you that we need to guard this over everything else!

Here are some hypothetical conversations you may need to have with yourself.  “No, I can’t put that load of laundry on until I spend some time with the Lord. ” “No, I can check those emails and Facebook later.  First, I need to spend time with the Lord. ” “No, I can’t sleep until _________.  I need to get up 30 minutes earlier to make sure I have my time with the Lord.”  “No, I am not going to look through that magazine first. It will have to wait until after my Quiet Time.”

There are so many distractions for us.  Nothing is more important or pressing than our time with God – FIRST!  I am not suggesting we get legalistic with it.  Instead, I am suggesting we treasure this time above all else.

For ideas on what to read, please see my post entitled, “Scripture- More Precious Than Silver.”



Plan, Plan, Plan

All of our best intentions don’t really matter, unless we do them.

  • Plan the menus for the week –

    This will take you 15 – 30 minutes.  Let me give you a suggestion.   Look into “Hello Fresh”!  I highly recommend them. The meals are delicious. They do the planning for you, shop for the fresh food, and then mail it to you on ice!   The simple to follow recipes  are included. In less than 30 minutes, you have a delicious homemade meal on the table for your family.  I have used them for months and truly recommend them.    Use this code to get a discount on your first order.

  • Use a Daytimer to plan your day.

    Prioritize each task.  Make sure you do the most important tasks each day.  Remember, your time alone with God is Number 1!  Put it on your schedule.  Make a list of everything you want to accomplish for the day.  Next, number them in order of priority.  Write in all appointments, meetings, lunch engagements, etc.  Whatever goes undone can be moved to the next day.  For more help, see my post, “Top Tool for Getting Organized in 2018,”

  • Schedule when you will put on a load of laundry each day.

    Fold the laundry as you take it out of the dryer – 10 minutes.  Don’t throw it on the counter or in a basket to fold later.  It will never happen!  Go ahead and take that basket of folded clothes to the room it belongs in and put it away.   I know!  This is the hardest part.  I am not always successful here either, but it is sooooo much better when I take the extra 10 minutes and put the clothes away!

    I love, Flylady.  If you haven’t visited her site before, by all means do it today.  She has wonderful tips on scheduling your             housecleaning chores.  I have been using her routines for several years. Her routines teach you to wipe up the bathrooms each day, do a load of laundry a day, keep your kitchen sink clutter free, and divide your house into zones to clean.  Her systematic approach helps keep your house tidy by doing little things each day.  I encourage you to visit her site and start her routines!

  • Plan for the Holidays Now.

  • Label a section in your planner – “Holidays”.  Check with family members on sizes and record them in your planner.  Jot down ideas  of gifts and pick them up as you see them on sale.
  • Think about menus for the Holidays early.  Shop for ingredients early and have them in the cupboard when you begin your baking.
  • Flylady, suggests having all the gifts wrapped and under the tree by December 1.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be finished by then and just focus on the coming of Christ and enjoying the season?


Declutter Something Everyday 

Make a plan to tackle the clutter.  Flylady suggests spending 15 minutes at a time.  Do this once or twice a day.  Throw out most of it.  Give some away or take it to the thrift store.  Getting rid of the excess stuff, means there is less to clean and store.  Go ahead and bless someone else with your excess.  I am not really into yard sales, but some of you are.  Plan the big day, and make a little extra money with the stuff cluttering up your home.


Prioritize Your Commitments

This goes hand in hand with your calendar.  We have established that our relationship and time with the Lord are the first priority in our lives.  Therefore, that relationship comes first.  Time with God is a priority.  Schedule your Bible reading and quiet time with Him for the first part of your day.

If you are married, your husband and family are next.  Does your husband need you to run an errand for him?  Would he like to come home to a home cooked meal?  Does he enjoy a clean house over a disaster of a house?  Plan to meet his needs the best you can.  We all have crazy days occasionally and sometimes, we can’t get it all done.  Sometimes, we just need to order a pizza.  I do too!  But as a general rule, make your calling as a help mate a priority.  As mothers, our children are the jewels in our lives and God has chosen us to pour our lives into theirs.  Cherish the years you have them at home to nurture, to teach the ways of the Lord. to love and shape their lives.  Don’t clutter up your schedule so much that there is no time for family.

I believe as Christians, that the church is next.  For now, let’s just say that God has gifted each of us to serve the body of Christ.  Find your place of service among the believers in your local church.   We are all in different stages of life and therefore our time and commitment vary.  You determine what you can do now; in your current stage of life.  By all means, get involved.  God has called all of us to make disciples, to love each other, and to build each other up, for His Glory.


Work Your Plan

Obviously, the only way to reap results from a well scheduled life is to work the plan!  Stick with your calendar.  Stay with those priorities you set.  Before you know it, these things will become second nature to you.  You will find yourself following the routines you have established automatically.

Yes, there will be days when you have “Divine Overrides” to your schedule!  Doctor’s visits, babysitting grandchildren, company, appointments, meetings, etc.   We all have things happen each day that we didn’t plan for.  Don’t let it throw you.  Just reschedule your priorities.  Shift things around a little in your week.  Maybe EVERYTHING you planned will not happen, but you will be surprised at what all you WILL accomplish.

Use these priorities and shine like the beautiful diamond pictured at the top of the page.  You can do it!

Until next time!



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5 Steps to Create Your Special Oasis to Read and Study

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

Do you have a special place for reading God’s Word, for planning your day, for reading your favorite book or magazine?

Psalm 84:1 says, “How lovely are Thy dwelling places, O Lord of hosts!

With just a little creativity, you can create a lovely, inviting space to meet with God and plan your day!
Do you have a bookshelf you can devote to your books, notebooks, library books, magazines? Check out these options from Amazon, or get out some spray paint and refurbish something you already have. Make it colorful, classy, inviting. You may have something around the house already that you can just move to your “spot”.
If you are in the market for something new, here are 3 choices for you:

Click on the picture and it will take you to the Amazon site.

Now, gather some special items to make it a little oasis for yourself. Surround yourself with beautiful things that help you focus on God’s glory.

I sit by a bay window overlooking my backyard. In front of the window are some beautiful plants. Fresh flowers from my yard sometimes decorate my table, along with a beautiful card holder with the words to a hymn. Right beside me is my bookcase which holds my Bible, commentaries, study Bible, current books I am reading, notebooks my calendar, pens, highlighters; everything I need to sit sand study, or just be with the Lord.

You will find that having a special place set aside for your study will cause you to want to go there. It will be your place to talk with the Lord, to journal your thoughts, to pray, and to listen. Here are links to some study helps:
Click on the picture to go to the Amazon site.

So we have the “place”, we have a “bookcase” for all of our study needs, we have a “study Bible”, we have a “notebook” along with “pens and highlighters”. Now decorate a little with flowers, pictures, pillows, etc. Something to add a touch of beauty.
Click on the picture to see and purchase on Amazon.

I would love to hear about your special study place! Send pictures to encourage others with their decorating.
I would love for you to sign up with your email address, so I can let you know when new posts are out and also update you on “freebies” I am offering.
If you sing up today with your email, I will send you this “freebie”. It is a prettier version of, Five Questions to Ask When you Study a Passage of Scripture.


1-What do I learn about God from this passage?

2-Is there a warning for me about something; a sin for me to avoid?

3-Is there a promise for me to claim and trust God with?

4-Is there a truth about myself in this passage?

5-Are there specific things I can praise God about in this passage?

So make it your goal to establish your special “spot” for study this week!

-Decide on the place
-Add a bookcase for your books
-Gather your study materials: Bible, notebook, commentaries, pens, highlighters, etc.
-Add a special pillow, throw, or picture
-Pick some fresh flowers and display them on your desk, by your chair, or on your table

Don’t forget to sign up with your email, so I can send you a pretty copy of, “Five Questions to Ask When Studying a Passage of Scripture,”. You can make as many copies as you would like. Use a three-hole punch and put several in your notebook.

Last, but not least, share your pictures with us!
Until next time……


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Why “Jewels of Life”?

Mama Jewel
My dear grandmother’s name was Jewel and the grandchildren loving called her Mama Jewel.   She lived with us her last years and she and I would sit and talk often. She had a quiet, sweet spirit about her and a laugh that always brought joy to my heart. She and I had a special relationship that always made me feel loved and accepted.

In addition to the sweet memories of Mama Jewel, I want to view all of life as jewels God has blessed me with.  Everything from His Word, my marriage and family, hobbies, talents, friends, and interests. Thus “Jewels of Life” was birthed.

My desire is to encourage you to look at your life the same way. Precious jewels are sometimes hidden beneath the everyday dirt and grim of life. With a concerted effort on our part, we can excavate those jewels, rinse them off, polish them up, and enjoy them the way God intended us to. So….let’s begin…..

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