Why “Jewels of Life”?

Mama Jewel
My dear grandmother’s name was Jewel and the grandchildren loving called her Mama Jewel.   She lived with us her last years and she and I would sit and talk often. She had a quiet, sweet spirit about her and a laugh that always brought joy to my heart. She and I had a special relationship that always made me feel loved and accepted.

In addition to the sweet memories of Mama Jewel, I want to view all of life as jewels God has blessed me with.  Everything from His Word, my marriage and family, hobbies, talents, friends, and interests. Thus “Jewels of Life” was birthed.

My desire is to encourage you to look at your life the same way. Precious jewels are sometimes hidden beneath the everyday dirt and grim of life. With a concerted effort on our part, we can excavate those jewels, rinse them off, polish them up, and enjoy them the way God intended us to. So….let’s begin…..

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Welcome to Jewels of Life!

Hi, it’s me, Julie!
 Welcome to Jewels of Life!  Let me introduce myself.  I am pursuing a new adventure of blogging and I am delighted to have you join me in considering the “jewels” of life that we are blessed with.
The precious jewels in my life include my husband of 40 years, John who is my best friend, pastor, and mentor.  It is with his encouragement that I jump in and go with this new direction.
God blessed us with five children:  Jennifer, Josh, Jacob, Justin, and Jonathan.  The term precious jewels, defines them perfectly.  Each one has their own unique qualities that give priceless meaning and joy to my life.
They have added to my treasure chest of jewels wonderful mates: Josh (son in love), Talia and Lauren (daughters in love) and nine grandchildren:  Knox, Harris, Olivia, Whit, Eli, Zeke, Kye, Aubrey, and Zane.  What can I say?  Delightful!
The crowning jewel of my life is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is the joy of my soul, the light of my life and gives me purpose for living.  It is Him that I desire to please in all things.
My educational background is a BA in Piano Performance.  It has been my joy to be a church pianist, organist, and keyboardist for the past 40 years.  Additionally, I have been a private piano instructor for most of those 40 years.  You know, our workplace is an opportunity; a place for God to refine and polish us as a jewel, while at the same time, use us to teach and minister to others.
I invite you to join me on a new adventure.  Let’s work together at finding the hidden jewels that are already in our lives.  Even those hard things, God can use for good in our lives.  Scripture speaks of God refining us like silver.  After going through the fire, a beautiful, precious. and useful jewel of silver emerges.
 Join me weekly for words of encouragement, Bible Study Ideas, Family Issues, Tips on Wardrobe and Make Up, Discussions on Current Events, Household Tips, and More!
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