1. Fredia Oliver

    As you well know, I’ve been through a big trial. As I watched you Sunday, Brother John and a gran get out and head toward Church. With the big smile. I knew that your not afraid. Oh we feel different things. But I know you know that God has this. Your brave through him. If I didn’t know you I wouldn’t know the obstacles you have at hand. His power,love and promises sustaine us. You speak words from your heart,others are given to you to form a perfect unity to read, to share and to bless. Please know you’re in my thoughts,prayers, for great things are just ahead. Love you!🙏🏻

    • Yes, Fredia, you have been an inspiration to all of us who know you. God has truly shown His strength in your life. It is His sustaing grace that enables us to take our next breath. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragemnet and I cherish your prayers!

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