Good morning everyone. It has been awhile since I have written on my blog. Life sometimes gets hectic, but all is good with me and I hope it is with you also! Lately, my husband has been preaching a series of sermons on the Twenty-third Psalm. It has been so refreshing to reflect on the unconditional love and protection of my Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Life is full of surprises, hard decisions, difficult relationships, health problems, family concerns, etc. You get the picture! I realize again today, that God directs us and guides us through those circumstances; just like the shepherd uses his rod to keep his sheep on track. Our job is to just follow Him! It is to our benefit not to resist His nudging because He knows where the green pastures are. He is leading us to still, quiet waters in order to restore our soul.

What does it mean to restore something? To restore an old car, one has to take it apart, examine which parts need to be replaced and which ones can just be polished up. That process is difficult and tedious, but oh so necessary in the restoring process. To leave even one old rusty part, would affect the whole restoration!

As I think about that, I am so grateful that God is “restoring” my soul! He is making me more and more like Jesus. He is polishing up my rusty traits. So many times, He does that by surrounding me with people who have the spiritual gifts that I need. I learn from my precious friends that have the gifts of mercy and serving. They inspire me in those areas.

Sometimes He needs to totally remove habits and traits that are keeping me from being like Jesus. That is a painful process, but oh the sweetness of resting in His green pastures and quiet waters afterwards!

The Psalmist says the “He” is the one that restores my soul. How awesome is that! I don’t have the ability to restore myself, but He does. It reminds me of a verse in Mark 1:17 when Jesus tells Simon and Andrew to follow Him, and He will make them fishers of me. Their job was to follow Jesus. His job was to make them fishers of men. It is my responsibility is to stay close to my Shepherd; to follow Him. Oh that I would stay close to Jesus and willing consent to all of His transformation in my life.

Reflect with me today on this glorious truth: The Lord is my shepherd! Follow Him today as He leads you to green pastures and quiet waters. Allow Him to restore your soul!



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